Dog and Pet Friendly Gardens

At Eden Landscaping we provide a wide selection of dog and animal gardens that includes purpose built kennels and dog runs to combination ‘dog friendly’ gardens that have features and planting to suit your family and your pets. Many clients enquire about revamping their garden, making sure that it suits not only their needs but their dog too. We have built a number of Dog Friendly Gardens throughout Dublin and surrounding counties using our key pointers that make a garden truely ‘dog friendly’.

Below are a selection of the most important factors & key features of Dog & Pet Friendly Gardens:

Fencing & Paths
Secure fencing is one of the most important elements of a dog friendly garden, especially if your four-legged friend is particularly prone to escape attempts. Running track: A long, winding path provides dogs with plenty of exercise but Paths also provide a space to run and patrol.
Shaded areas
Dogs can get hot really quickly so make sure there are a few shady areas around your garden where they can lie and cool down.
Dog friendly surfaces
Many common garden surfaces can be unsuitable for dogs. Entire Areas of paving and decking can often become slippery and dangerous and natural turf or grass can quickly deteriorate with regular use.
One of the best preventative measures you can take in your garden is to install artificial grass. Pet owners find Artificial grass is a great choice for their garden as even the most boisterous dogs won’t damage it, whilst remaining completely safe for all types of pets.
Sturdy borders
Dogs are prone to charging into the garden, destroying flowerbeds and if you’re growing flowers or veg that you want to protect, it’s advisable to install sturdy borders to protect your beds such as Pieces of driftwood persuade dogs to stay away from planted areas.
Pet friendly planting
Most dogs will avoid grazing on plants, but some do, especially puppies. Learn what kinds of plants are in your garden and which ones could be poisonous to pets. Sensible plants: Plants near paths should have soft foliage but be sturdy enough to stand an excitable dog.